Non-existent book review––why I will be reading a lot and reviewing less for the next 3 weeks

Hi all,

My bad, gotten into the late routine of not posting on time.

I’m currently reading this book called Investing: The Last Liberal Art by Robert Hagstrom. Sorry, I didn’t finish it yet :/

The main theme though is that through being well-versed in the foundations behind multiple fields, one can see common trends and thus become a better investor by applying these trends.

As of now, I enjoy his narration style where Hagstrom has a point to make, and uses anecdotes from history to make it more of a journey. I think if I finish this, perhaps it’ll inspire me to learn more generalities about common fields, not just for becoming better at seeing a bigger picture, but also for being more well-versed in conversation.

I’ll wrap up this review when I actually finish the book.


The main reason I’m writing this post today is because I’m taking up a new project. Being a terrible procrastinator, I realized that I have just under 3 weeks until the USABO, the biology olympiad. Since this test draws upon a massive field of knowledge, I’ve taken it upon myself to cover the entire 1250 pages of content in my textbook.

Clearly, this goal seems pretty absurd, but hear me out. My reading pace is ~2 hrs / 20 pages for in-depth, solid understanding and retention of content. Sometimes, this pace increases if the content is more basic, or slows down when the content is more complex. Seeing as I have already covered a 50 page section, this means that I have 1200 pages left for ~120 hours. Now, seeing as the next 20 days contain a total of 480 hours, it may be a bit extreme to believe that I can spend 1/4 of that time studying bio.

And honestly, you’re right. The idea is moreso of a aim incredibly high, hit as high as possible and then keep going. Can I find 6 hours a day to study bio? Doubtful, unless I convert many of my school hours to it (which I am considering…).

I know it’s unreasonable to expect too much seeing as there are individuals all over the country who have spent years preparing for this competition. In spite of this, I believe that a massive extended cram session should be enough to place in the top 10% to qualify for semifinals. I know for one, that even at my school, fewer than 1/10 of students cover the entire book when preparing for the test.

At the end of the day (3 weeks), even if I don’t qualify for the next level, should I execute this properly, I will learn an incredible amount of biology and have a solid basis of understanding for any future in biochemistry.

I just wanted to make this as an announcement…kind of an excuse as to why I won’t be reading as much in smaller books, because I’ll be expending all of my efforts on learning more in the sciences.

I will try to keep up with the posting schedule, as writing is another important goal to me. Forgive me for the next 3 weeks if I miss occasionally or if I become a bit too obsessive about this pursuit.


Thank you for understanding,




It’s 12:30

Labs, projects, homework oh my

I need to write a paper, I shouldn’t have waited on

Still feel sore from track practice, and I feel like I could die

Be up all night long, till the dusk gives way to dawn

This suffering self-inflicted, why?


What even, all these years still here?

Took it out, cast it aside, forbade it to ever return

But it came back like like a hidden danger invisible but near

Dreams and hopes to work for, move towards, yearn

No more pain to feel, not even fear

Just fatigue





This is the kind of stuff my mind creates at 1 in the morning. Forgive me, I’ve been busy and it’s been difficult to create novel, and heartfelt work. This one is a pattern, rhyming but also shape? It’s a little rough, but it conveys my point.


Thx for reading, have a great day


Fatigue settles in

The fire sputters today

Yet feels warm inside


My attempt at a haiku. Really tired two days in a row, so I apologize if sometime my posts are tiring to read/not so creative. I promise it will get better in time, I just struggled to muster the strength even to stay up and write this 😦

This post was inspired by my deadness that I’m feeling as I try to stay awake haha. Although I feel burnt out, I also feel accomplished and that I was productive. I guess the ultimate goal is to do so much poetry that over time it becomes expressive and good quality, as well as easily to me as I write it.

School is back in, so it’s getting more difficult sometimes to make a daily post. I care a lot about this commitment, and I think it’s a major factor in my improvement of writing through the analysis parts after. I’m going to try to continue every day, but please forgive me if sometimes I don’t make it on time such as now when it’s past 12 and into the next day.


As always, let me know what you think, and how I can improve my writing & poetry.

Thank you, and have a great day,


The day when I can stand tall and say ‘No’

Is the moment when I know I’ve grown wise

I’ll need nothing by my strength to glow

Have no more anguish and pain to despise


The day when I’m braver and act with my heart

I won’t let anything quell my hopes and dreams

I have all the resources, the willpower to start

No reason not to start right now, no rationale it seems


So why not say no to those who hold us back

They are of no consequence, make your dreams come true

Don’t care about them, don’t let them give you flack

Open your eyes, and act in line with the values you look to



Hey. So I wrote this piece a little for myself actually. I need to say no a lot more forcefully. I set boundaries with my own morals, with my time, with myself, but sometimes I let others act against this because they aren’t me. However, this can be really unhealthy towards me…and I’m feeling it. I’ve let this unwillingness to stand firm to others be a weakness in myself.

Because of this, I am writing this post at 11:47 instead of 1 hour earlier, or perhaps even earlier. I’ve given my time away on a busy day, because I didn’t say no strongly enough.

For those of you who may struggle with a similar issue, please think about it. Ask yourself what you value, what comes first. Say no if anything comes between what matters to you most, because it’s in the way whether it’s an activity or event, or someone else who “needs” your help. Chance will have it that they asked a dozen other people, and you could spend your time better than stabbing yourself to help them.

Now, perhaps you might consider me overly cynical in this last regard. However, keep in mind I’m not saying be a jerk and ignore everyone who needs your help. Sometimes people are genuine, more often than not, actually. Just…be careful, and value yourself.


As always, feedback and discussion is appreciated.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.

Time Pressed

Sorry I’m a few minutes late today. Busy stuff, didn’t plan out well enough. Anyways, thought I’d try a new style of poetry today, called the limerick.


Acting in haste, moving in a hurry

No time to waste, working in a flurry

With all the time in the world, I’d still feel pressed

In total control of the situation, I’d still be stressed

But in the end it comes together, no need to worry


The limerick is a 5 line poem where lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyme, and lines 3 and 4 rhyme as well. I guess I messed up a bit, since lines 1, 2, 5, are also supposed to be longer and I accidentally did the opposite… Next time. Try new things I guess

I was working on a chem project with my partner, and all the time in the world seems to not be enough to finish it.  I got so caught up in it, that I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t done my daily post. So today’s post was about my worries in the project, that we won’t get it done by the deadline, that it won’t be good enough.

Honestly, I have faith in myself. I guess I misjudged my partner though, and now I need to do more than I thought I would have to. It’s a group project…I guess we have to pull through sometimes. But along these lines, I look forward to trying other types of poetry rather than alternating lines and short couplets. Expression no matter how powerful can get stale if done in the same form every time, is it not?

Sorry today’s analysis is a little short. It’s 12:30 here, fatigue is kicking in a bit.

Hope you enjoyed this attempt. As always, feedback is appreciated.


Thanks for reading, and have a great day.

Essay Practice: Defense of Capitalism

(Atlas Shrugged, practice intro paragraph)

By stating that “no clash of interests among men who do not demand the unearned and do not practice human sacrifices” (478), Rearden exposes the fallacy behind the shallow covering of public good. At this point, Hank not only begins to recognize the driver of injustice in his world, but also how he can fight it through exposing the unspoken evil to the common people. For his whole life, Rearden has worked his way through the world dependent grounded only on his ability and morals, but has subjected himself to the lack of ability in others and their falsehoods of morals. Although he has maintained the spirit of capitalism in himself, he has also left himself defenseless to those who seek to leech off of him in the name of the public good. One cannot survive in a society in which the definition of public good means the utility of unproductive majority at the expense of a productive few.


Just an intro for today, I may decide to build upon it in the following days to see if I can make a rough draft. Writing whatever is on my mind is fine most of the time, but it’s good to prepare with set prompts for essay-writing and other skills.


Thanks for reading, I’ll try to do some poetry later this week.

Have a great day.


“The tree ripe with fruits bends over in its weight”

An analogy for arrogance, it means that with accomplishments under one’s belt, one becomes overconfident and only aware of their achievements.

For me, I experienced this recently and felt a need to write about it. (Also to let you guys know that I’m still writing, even if not as consistently as I’d hope.) After a few compliments from people, and a good approval from a teacher on an assignment, I got it into my head that I was some incredible writer, and that with ease or effort, my literature would be profound and of high caliber.

This coming from the same person who admitted that likely, the first 500 blog posts would be sad, or mediocre even.

Sometimes we get our heads stuck up our asses. That was me until I got a major essay back. My teacher gave me a B- or C+ on it. This was a 10 page work which I had invested hours into, spent my time dozing off thinking about my analysis. All coming to fruition in a work that was unappreciated, and I felt, improper for the effort.

Of course the first emotion would be indignation. I felt a brief spark, momentarily angry and upset at the rewards for my efforts. Then I remembered that my teacher is a great teacher, and holds her students to a high standard in their work in order to drive them further and to achieve more. She knows that I’ve written good work, and she’s told me honestly when she thought my piece was good quality. Clearly this wasn’t.

I kept my cool, not because I’m that mentally strong. I did it because I realized my goal was to become a better writer, and that my english teacher is a strong writer, and that I have much to learn.

It hurt a bit, but I took a step back and thought for awhile. Yes, I had invested lots of time into this essay. But was it well-spent? Clearly not, and with that realization, I understood that my essay had become too garbled, too broad. I was trying to write a paper on human nature and its essence, when I should have focused on answering the questions that my teacher was asking.

A lot of the content was fluffy, some of my evidence was contradictory, and some of the reasoning was shaky at best.

Only after seeing this, could the grade be understood. The grade received was the grade that it deserved.

Effort does not equate results. In a world where merely good intention and effort is accepted and rewarded and applauded even is a world based on distortion and self delusion. A world which people can take advantage of, as it gives people the excuses to not achieve what they should.

I guess that I’ve been reading too much of Ayn Rand, and her objectivism philosophy is getting to me. I’m more than half way through Atlas Shrugged! Spent several hours today going from page 350-650 haha.

I think that what my english teacher taught me today is that remaining humble, and constantly aware of the objective truth is what matters when acting. Confidence is wonderful, but should never be left untended and allowed to grow uncontrolled into arrogance.

Thank you for teaching me this lesson today, Mrs. H.


Thank you for reading today, and I’m sorry it’s been so long. I guess not only do I need to work on my confidence (moderation) but also my commitment to writing every day.