Rushing By

Hello all,

First day back, second semester junior year. I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’m headed, what I’ve achieved leading up to now. Sometimes my feelings are challenging to comprehend––jubilation, fear, passionate, pained––fluctuating as the tide.

Some of these milestones are approaching so fast, like the earth rushing up to meet a skydiver (although really, the skydiver is meeting the ground).


In 2 months, I take the March SAT, hopefully for the first and last time as part of the college process.

In 2.5 months, I will assess my results in building relationships and ask a girl to prom. Praying I have the guts to do it, and the friendship to get a yes.

In 3 months, I take the first heavy round of AP tests, with the potential to realize my french est entièrement poubelle among other subjects.

In 5 months, school ends and college apps begin. My future rests on decisions to travel to far away places (not Stanford), and whether a school is willing to accept me.


and before I know it, the first phase of my life will be over. In a blink of an eye, life will change again. It’s times like these that cause us to pause for a moment and realize the indifferent simplicity of reality. The world doesn’t pause or consider the gravity of our personal situations. Time continues to flow, pressing onwards with its insurmountable force. Although we can seize the moment, endeavor to hold it close and swim against time, in the end there is no possibility of gaining ground.

Because of this, perhaps it’s better just to embrace the present. Maybe I should look around, take everything in and live the moment. Even when looking to the future, our only choices are to live in the present, or become lost looking out to the world around us. Yes, we can attempt to observe, predict what comes––and through this process we may navigate to where we wish to be in a future present––but this does not detract from the simple appreciation of the present for what it is.

Tomorrow, I head back to another day of life, pursuing small goals with meaning only to me, working towards larger ones that may hold weight in the eyes of others. But even with how rapidly the moment departs to be replaced by another, I hope to cherish each one, for better or worse.


Thank you for taking part of this contemplation with me,

and have a great day.



Fatigue settles in

The fire sputters today

Yet feels warm inside


My attempt at a haiku. Really tired two days in a row, so I apologize if sometime my posts are tiring to read/not so creative. I promise it will get better in time, I just struggled to muster the strength even to stay up and write this 😦

This post was inspired by my deadness that I’m feeling as I try to stay awake haha. Although I feel burnt out, I also feel accomplished and that I was productive. I guess the ultimate goal is to do so much poetry that over time it becomes expressive and good quality, as well as easily to me as I write it.

School is back in, so it’s getting more difficult sometimes to make a daily post. I care a lot about this commitment, and I think it’s a major factor in my improvement of writing through the analysis parts after. I’m going to try to continue every day, but please forgive me if sometimes I don’t make it on time such as now when it’s past 12 and into the next day.


As always, let me know what you think, and how I can improve my writing & poetry.

Thank you, and have a great day,

Ripples of a Time Gone By

It’s a time gone by, different me a different you

Not sure what I was hoping for…

They call us dreamers, cause we never see it through

Maybe I was trying to open a door


I used to wonder, if you thought of me

Hoped to one day take your hand

Take you where you wished to be

Make this world our promised land


We were younger then, more foolish too

Tried to treat you like the queen you were

Daydreamed, asked if our love was true

Then our time flew by in a blur



Reminiscing I guess? I know it seems petty, to have something as trivial as some distant heartbreak as a disturbance in one’s life. I need to wake up, can’t let this trouble me anymore. I don’t know what to think though, but I know this state of sometimes caring, sometimes stone cold can’t continue because it’s hurting me way more than it should.

She cut me out of her life so easily, deftly. Capable like that…keen is the best word to describe her. Quick-minded for problem-solving, but also able to navigate people, find people…people more suited to her friendships, her interests.

The problem’s not so small I guess. On one hand I want to cut her out of my life, let these old wounds heal and disappear. But I also want her in my life…maybe not as the person I fell in love with years ago, but as the person I admire and respect.

It’s a limbo…where the mind fights with itself on what it believes, unable to clearly distinguish what it really thinks, feels.

I’ll end here today, enough depressing stuff.


Thank you for reading, and have a great day.

My Time Here

(Quick note: Long time no post, I was feeling sick on Wednesday, and was really busy yesterday but ultimately it was just my fault, and not motivating myself enough to write something.)


Sometimes life is beautiful…

Sometimes it’s just death’s crucible

It can bring you down onto the floor

You can win a battle but lose the war


Spend our lives building a castle in the sand

But to the waves of time it cannot withstand

Living in the moment but counting the days

I’ll be gone one day, but with you always


I don’t know where I’m going but my fear is running thin

I have a thousand dreams inside, but I’m locked within my skin

For what reason I am set here, I’m not sure if there is one

I’ll leave my mark behind, before my time is done



I thought that I would try something new today…past poetry has generally been romantic, but sometimes it’s good to spice things up a bit. I turned 16 recently, and I realized how short life really is, and that I want to make the most of my time here. Let me know what you think about this piece, and what can be done better. Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, it’s good to be back.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day.


Some things in life are just irreplaceable, priceless.

Love, time, memories.


Appreciate the ones who love you, and take care of you. We won’t have them forever, we won’t even have our memories of them forever. It’s a shame that we must lose it all, but more importantly it gives us the opportunity to treasure what we have. After all, what is living without death, and what is happiness without sorrow?

Time flies…or flows, or inches forward, however you see it. It moves onward and never stops, never waiting for us. Each moment you’ve spent a bit of it, a precious instant of your existence in the universe. You have life in you, you have dreams…you have desires. One day it may be gone, but who’s to say that you should not live to the fullest, and spend your time doing the things that you love?

At the end of it all, when our love is fading, our time is waning, and the end is near…what we carry with us are our memories. The feeling of first love, the care of a parent or father figure, the euphoria of success at something seemingly impossible. Memories are what we hold, perhaps the last thing that we let go before we are simply no longer alive.

Some things can’t be bought, some things cannot be replaced.


Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.

In the Nex.t. Life

When I think of her, it falls like a house of cards

She’s already cut me out, I don’t know how to feel

Trying to put it together, the memories tearing me apart

I’m out of touch,  but I hope with time I’ll heal


The roots of the past, planted when I was young

A twisted moral compass, not knowing what was fair

It surfaces now and then, the hurt at being stung

I’ll fall into the unknown, if only I would dare


It’s been awhile now, that long time ago

Let go of the hope, let go of the fear

Set the demons free, the past aglow

The past is gone, the future is here


Read it backwards line by line for another perspective.


Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.



That’s how it is, that’s how we are

No matter who we meet, no matter what we find

When you look at it from above, as an outsider

You see the confusion, the truth, and the objective

We are alone.

Surrounded by people, abuzz with our phones

Sometimes even with friends, with family

When you think about it, long and carefully

You see reality, the pain, the fact that

We are alone.


They are only there because there is some benefit for them. You are only there, because it brings you joy, it helps you out in some way. It’s how evolution has shaped us, it’s how human nature shapes us. We never truly have anything out of blind love and pure virtue. It’s not who we are. Because of this, we are alone…

Held together by society, by dogma, by teachings, by innate preservation, we keep ourselves together, we treat others well.

Alone is how we face our exams, our fears, our biggest goals.

Alone is how we pass on, even with family around.

Alone is who we are, how we are.


This piece is something I wrote yesterday when I was feeling absurdly upset, and I thought that it would be interesting to see how I wrote and thought when I was in a darker mood.

Thanks for reading, and apologies for not posting the past several days.