People don’t choose the workaholic life, it chooses them. For some people it’s just their need to feel productive, moving closer to the next goal. Sometimes it’s just to keep one’s mind off of pain in other aspects of life. Ultimately, it can be an approach where you burn violently and then die off, or a productive lifestyle in which you achieve many things in the short time frame that we call life.

Sorry for not posting in a bit, I got caught up in this book called Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. In the text, society has taken a dark turn in which most of the world has become transformed into a faux-socialist place where people act under the guise of benefit for others while condemning those who achieve greatness to leech for their own. The protagonists truly seem to embody the essence of workaholism, where work is their existence and the driving force behind their actions. It shows an extreme representation in which people who’s mentalities are almost psychopathic (showing disregard for the feelings of others) and their conquest to achieve more, and grow their businesses.

However, as time progresses one begins to realize that one of the characters was not always this way. They used to be quick and uncaring, but not entirely cold towards others. After cutting ties with the detriment that the public has become, they manage to begin rebuilding themselves, achieving an immensely productive state in their work, but also finding joy in other aspects of their life.

What this shows us is that although work can be our passion, our joys and motivation, we can also find happiness amongst our peers and colleagues, and in the form of connecting with people. I’m incredibly fortunate to be middle-class, and live in a world where people value advances in the sciences, and free speech and though is encouraged. What Atlas Shrugged has shown me is that we may not always have these things, and that we must use it to our full advantage.

There was a period where I too, tried to be a workaholic. The girl I liked got a boyfriend and was just so nonchalant about it, and I just felt completely broken. It didn’t go down too well, because I grossly neglected my health and after just a week of 7 hour study days I got sick, and lost my motivation.

Work is important…aside from the people we influence, it’s the only thing that we leave behind when we’re gone. But never let it kill you. Stand tall, but know your limits.


Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.


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