Some things in life are just irreplaceable, priceless.

Love, time, memories.


Appreciate the ones who love you, and take care of you. We won’t have them forever, we won’t even have our memories of them forever. It’s a shame that we must lose it all, but more importantly it gives us the opportunity to treasure what we have. After all, what is living without death, and what is happiness without sorrow?

Time flies…or flows, or inches forward, however you see it. It moves onward and never stops, never waiting for us. Each moment you’ve spent a bit of it, a precious instant of your existence in the universe. You have life in you, you have dreams…you have desires. One day it may be gone, but who’s to say that you should not live to the fullest, and spend your time doing the things that you love?

At the end of it all, when our love is fading, our time is waning, and the end is near…what we carry with us are our memories. The feeling of first love, the care of a parent or father figure, the euphoria of success at something seemingly impossible. Memories are what we hold, perhaps the last thing that we let go before we are simply no longer alive.

Some things can’t be bought, some things cannot be replaced.


Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.


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