Midnight Memories

(Quick note: sorry for not posting in a bit. Almost didn’t get this one done, but felt a need to get back on track for content. To me, this poem felt like cheerful passion almost transforming into slightly reminiscent melancholy.)


You make my heart strings flutter…

I tell myself it’s crazy but

You make the smooth guys stutter

T’say anything less is an undercut


You led me all the way there

I was a cause n’ you were the reason

One day a last name we hoped to share

The better half of me, you’d tease in


To move forward was all that she asked for

Those times are gone, we know better now

We may not be the same people anymore

But I’ll make things right again…somehow



To the mistakes that stung, midnight past poetry, and the relationships I ruined.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.



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