Boredom is listening to a rant from a teacher about how to live your life and why you should pursue some subject in life. It’s aimlessly surfing the web, hoping for something entertaining to catch your eye. Boredom is something we hope we never experience, but then lament and complain to our friends about later.

I experienced a brief period of boredom for ~40 minutes earlier today. Reading Quora, wandering YouTube, scanning through Facebook. It was unfulfilling, empty, and slightly depressing to be honest, spending time in this form with no clear benefit to provide such a dry and artificial happiness.

The thing about boredom, is that if one is experiencing boredom then one is wasting their time. Life is only so long, and time spent absent-mindedly, hoping for time to pass by is time gone by and never returnable.

It’s a cursed thing, boredom. But instead of being bored, we can choose to entertain ourselves, challenge our spirits and explore our minds. If class bores you, perhaps you dislike the teaching style. Make it into a game, ask your teacher questions that make the class more interesting, talk to them and tell them about what segments and topics you care about, engage in a conversation with the teacher, or your peers on a complex subject. There are countless ways to make the class more interesting in spite of how dull it may appear on the surface. If a task is too menial, too easy, find a way to automize it, find more challenging versions and problems to complete. If there is really nothing to do, reflect upon the events of the day, why people treat you the way they do, or analyze how your past has changed you as a person.

Honestly, I could have done any of these things had I thought of them at the time…the truth is, I care a lot about time, and I believe that most people do. Even at times when I’m busy, stressed out, and managing several things in my life, somehow I managed to find myself a patch of boredom. Now I know though…it’s 40 minutes that I will never get back, but it wasn’t for nothing. I’ve learned a bit about the nature of being bored, and reinforced my appreciation of time.

Never be bored, it’s damaging in so many ways. Make the most of this life because we might not get another.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day.


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