We are born with delusions. We think that the world is ours at birth, that we are meant to be served. Only through time and guidance do we learn to act properly and become productive citizens of society.

However, it is up to us to remove, and see through the initial sense of self-entitlement, the idea that we were set here to be almighty and unique. Without realism, the ability to imagine is without a venue for application. Without grounding in reality, the imagination and dreams of grandeur are exactly that: dreams and imagination.

For me…until recently I had this idea that I was really talented at the piano. Sure…I have some musicality, I feel the connection with the music. Can I compose pieces on the spot, play incredibly fast and have perfect technique, or have the innate desire to spend all of my time playing? The answer is no to all of the questions. The thing is, just because I’m not crazy talented doesn’t mean that piano is not worth doing…on the contrary, I see it as something that I can enjoy while being fairly good, and not have to stress about competition. I think piano is a wonderful form of self-expression, a beautiful instrument and definitely something worth trying. It’s a…serious hobby I guess.

That’s a perfectly reasonable approach towards some parts of our lives. If you enjoy drawing, but don’t want to be a professional artist…enjoy doing math contests but don’t like the idea of going into purely theoretical maths, or enjoy swimming but don’t want to be an olympic athlete, it’s always a choice. The future is only set in stone once it has dried and stiffened into the past. Until then every choice is fluid.

By all means, I am in no ways condoning the abandoning of what you enjoy doing, or encouraging everyone to be amateurs. Far from it. Instead, what I think is reasonable is realizing what you want to do in life, and benching the others as smaller parts in one’s life. For me, I don’t want to be a concert pianist when I grow up…so I choose to play for my enjoyment, and occasionally do small competitions. By prioritizing what matters most, you can find time for the things you want to do, want to try.

Distill the delusions of grandeur into acute ambition, and pursue the latter with focus.

Thanks, and have a wonderful day.


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