Balance of Fear

When your palms get sweaty, and you nervously wipe your brow that you just dried 5 seconds ago. It’s parting your hair excessively, not because it’s in the way but because you need something to do with your hands. The stutter in your first few words before it can blossom into confidence. It’s fear…it makes us human.

Afraid of getting poor grades, afraid of feeling unaccomplished.

Afraid of rejection, afraid of not learning from the failure.

Afraid of losing faith, afraid of losing the ones you love.

Fear makes sure that we don’t endanger the things that we value, but it also holds us back. If you’re afraid to try the difficult task, you will never know your limits. If you’re afraid to tell that person how you feel, tell someone how much you appreciate them…perhaps they will never know. If you’re afraid to make the risk, you will never make the biggest gains.

Life is about finding the balance between acknowledging your fear, and acting in spite of it. Fear is human, and we should acknowledge it, embrace it. There are times where we need to suppress it, but overall it is something that should be seen, met face to face, and then understood.

It’s a part of us, but we can’t let it define us.


Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.


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