In the Nex.t. Life

When I think of her, it falls like a house of cards

She’s already cut me out, I don’t know how to feel

Trying to put it together, the memories tearing me apart

I’m out of touch,  but I hope with time I’ll heal


The roots of the past, planted when I was young

A twisted moral compass, not knowing what was fair

It surfaces now and then, the hurt at being stung

I’ll fall into the unknown, if only I would dare


It’s been awhile now, that long time ago

Let go of the hope, let go of the fear

Set the demons free, the past aglow

The past is gone, the future is here


Read it backwards line by line for another perspective.


Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.



3 thoughts on “In the Nex.t. Life

    1. Hmm, these are the words that I thought of in the moment as I was writing it. Which parts do you think are cliché? Thank you for the opinion, I’ll think about this the next time I write a poem.


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