Small Steps

If you write 200 words a day…you can write 73,000 words in a year, or a 300 something page book. Of course, it’s anything but easy to write consistently about the same thing every day of a year when you have to endure writer’s block, other activities, and boredom. Often times projects go unfinished because the writer begins to think their idea is stale, uninteresting, or not a good topic to write about. People fall off schedule, take years and years just to create a piece of literature which may not even be well received. Sometimes the books fall behind the TV shows which are based on them… (*cough George R.R. Martin *cough cough).

Writing a book isn’t easy, taking long hours to think a storyline through, weaving the small details in, and creating the flow of words which draws the reader in. That doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be attempted. It just means that you should start small. 200 words a day, building up, and pushing through the roadblocks. At one point after hours of toiling and revision, frustration and bitterness, you realize that you’ve created something significant and monumental. It may be an ugly monument, it may not be valuable or high quality even. But what you get out of it is the fact that using small building blocks, it was possible to build something so much larger.

It’s the same thing with many aspects of life. Spend half an hour a day exercising…and a year, two years, decades later you are that much healthier because of it. Meditating and goal setting 10 minutes a day, you find that through time you have become a deeper thinker, and are no longer a slave to your emotions, and set more realistic goals for yourself.

I’m not saying that writing a book is easy, or even that simple, far from it. But if we never try to cross those mountains and break the walls in our lives, we will never experience the pleasure of achieving a tremendous goal, surpassing a daunting task, or looking at a wondrous creation by our hand.

I wrote this post in about 20 minutes, and at this point it’s ~350 words.

Life isn’t always about huge leaps and bounds. Tackle the bigger goals in life, and take it one small step at a time.

Thanks for reading, and as always have a wonderful day.


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