(Quick note: I’ma back! It’s a me-ah Peter haha okay I’m done. Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I’ve been pretty busy, but mainly have struggled to delegate my tasks and utilize my time properly. Today’s post will be on realizing things that may have been common sense to others, or I was just too blind to see earlier…)

Tests, quizzes, life tests and surprising things. It all makes your eyes droop a little, a slight sigh is released.

Sleep debt accumulates, half an hour here, an hour there. By the time you hit the weekend, you fall asleep and when you wake up its 9:00 and you’re 2 hours late for your early start to the day.

We all experience some sort of variation of this over time. Sometimes we burn out, sometimes we need to vent, sometimes we need to cry…because we’re human, and we experience fatigue.

I once read a Quora post which impacted me, and it was about the mood one uses in daily life. Many of us choose to drag our feet, complain about life, the unfairness and the plain terrible luck. This approach was to say that you’ve never been better, never felt better.

The hardest part is coming to believe this yourself, that despite your struggles that you have never been better. The original poster talked about how a colleague had lost his son, and suffered for a few days. Then he took his head out from between his legs, and resumed his never felt better attitude to life.

In our long journeys, there will always be something to cry about, to feel negatively about, and to whine about. Instead, the ideal is to acknowledge, solve the issue, and move forward.

This approach when implemented makes you a person who others can look to. A positive, no-nonsense person who has a bright aura about them and makes others feel inspired.

I’m not exactly getting that effect in my life…I’m a bit lonely, I don’t think I fit in the best, and I still let the flukes of life knock me down, but I’m working on it. I’m tired…but I’m moving in a direction, even if it’s not the right direction. I’ve never been better in my life.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.


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