The 45th President and Moving Forward

(Quick note: I’m liberal, but by no means do I intend to bash conservatives for being conservative, or blindly follow the views set out by liberal politicians. In any case, I do hope to shed some light and give my opinion on the status quo of ~3 weeks into the presidency. Just wanted to leave a brief warning if you are susceptible to being offended by slightly left-leaning writings.)

Donald J Trump – businessman who has gone bankrupt quite a few times, can win the hearts (or at least votes of) the rural working class, and the man with a serious case of Schrödinger’s policy (uncertain and enigmatic until you see for yourself).

This man (unless impeached or through some other way is removed) will be the president for the next 4 years. This man in 3 weeks, has made more controversial decisions and created more uncertainty in international relations than many presidents have made in a year. He has called Taiwan, and then affirmed the One-China policy, he has met with Mexican ambassadors, then threatened a 20-40% tariff on Mexico to fund his wall, and instituted a ban on 7 predominantly muslim countries, but not all (such as Saudi Arabia).

This is a man, who is unpredictable, yet in another way, so easily predictable. No one (except maybe Jared Kushner) knows what his next executive order will be, but we also know that it will be in his same style: projected on Twitter, in line with his views, and likely debatable about the benefits to the US.

In one major event that has popped up quite often in the media the past week is of the travel ban instituted against several countries with predominantly muslim populations. Just today, the appeals court ruled that the ban was unconstitutional, and voided the first amendment to right of religion. What many people see is the attack against rights, the discrimination against people, and the outright crazy actions of a man given too much power. However, on the other hand of things you see the people rallying behind their own beliefs, and standing up for what they believe in. Because of this controversial executive order, many people have stood up and made their opinions heard, that they believe in unity and the willingness to accept others. At airports, people are applauding the immigrants that arrive, welcoming them to the country for their bravery in spite of the tumultuous situation. The people, the representatives in our government have acted in response, showing that the people will maintain what they believe in.

If anything, these difficult times and decisions that Donald Trump throws at us are testing the strength of the people, the willingness to defend their morals, and the spirit to preserve what they believe in. There have been questionable decisions, such as Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education, and there may be more to come. Trump has his own reasons for making his choices, and we as a people may struggle to influence them, or interpret them even, but what we must know is that we will press on, and we will move forward.

There is a bright side to almost everything. If you’re pro-Trump, perhaps he’s enacting some of the policies you wish to see, or breaking the norms of a politician. If you’re anti-Trump, there is hope in the system that the founding fathers created, and that with balance of power and the will of the people, we as a nation can only grow stronger, and more resilient. If there’s anything that all of us citizens should have in common, it should be that we want our nation to prosper, and that we want our country to continue to do the best we can in preserving peace and leading the world going forward.


First political piece, and I did my best to not bash Trump, or be a diehard liberal. Thank you for reading, and please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve my writing.


4 thoughts on “The 45th President and Moving Forward

    1. I would be interested as well. The thing about having cordial and well informed discussions is that no one loses…in the end, everyone learns more and perhaps they even come to change their opinions.


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