That’s how it is, that’s how we are

No matter who we meet, no matter what we find

When you look at it from above, as an outsider

You see the confusion, the truth, and the objective

We are alone.

Surrounded by people, abuzz with our phones

Sometimes even with friends, with family

When you think about it, long and carefully

You see reality, the pain, the fact that

We are alone.


They are only there because there is some benefit for them. You are only there, because it brings you joy, it helps you out in some way. It’s how evolution has shaped us, it’s how human nature shapes us. We never truly have anything out of blind love and pure virtue. It’s not who we are. Because of this, we are alone…

Held together by society, by dogma, by teachings, by innate preservation, we keep ourselves together, we treat others well.

Alone is how we face our exams, our fears, our biggest goals.

Alone is how we pass on, even with family around.

Alone is who we are, how we are.


This piece is something I wrote yesterday when I was feeling absurdly upset, and I thought that it would be interesting to see how I wrote and thought when I was in a darker mood.

Thanks for reading, and apologies for not posting the past several days.


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