Perhaps it’s just me, but you know how when something clicks, or a speech, piece of music, event has a profound impact on you, and it touches something inside? You get chills from it, and for a moment the mood changes.

Often times I get this when playing the piano, or listening to other people play. It’s something more visceral, a deeper connection that lies underneath the surface. There’ve been studies done on this feeling, this shuddering and the concrete term for it frisson.

Anyways, it was strange because I had this moment of frisson while reading a part of a book. I felt the emotions of the character, and felt their suffering, their feeling of being frozen in a moment of tragedy (btw this book is In the Time of the Butterflies for those who are interested). I think that the author did an incredible job of writing out much of the book, and the ending pages really left an impression on me.

I guess the most significant thing that a book can achieve is imparting something on the reader. Sometimes, this is a good experience, a new world, a lesson, or knowledge. This piece left me with a feeling, a moment where the author used her writing and left a powerful message. It’s difficult to describe in words, but it’s like seeing a plant in time lapse grow and develop flowers, and then wilt and die at the end of its life. The flower is the culmination of the whole process, and at the end, we reach a closure that we knew was coming, but still couldn’t grasp completely.

I don’t know, this is all a bit muddled, and forgive me for not being clearer in my attempt to verbalize this. I just wanted to talk about what it’s like to be ‘touched’ when reading a book. It’s an intense feeling of wonder and awe, but also of uncertainty.

Anyways, thanks for reading this short piece. Please let me know if there’s anything specific you would like me to write about in the future.

As always, have a wonderful day.


Link if you’re interested in reading more about frisson:


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