C’est Compliqué (it’s complicated)

“C’est la vie” (It’s life) ~My incredible former french teacher

Life is complicated, life is simple. We learn, evolve, suffer, and love; it’s complicated.We eat, sleep, grow, and one day die; that’s simple.

Where can I even start?

I’m lucky, even if sometimes I don’t believe that. I’m middle, maybe upper class, my parents are together, and I can find happiness at home even with the occasional quarrel. Things aren’t perfect, because life isn’t perfect, but I’ve been blessed.

I’m unlucky playing board games, messing with chance, and the unlikely consequences that affect the few. At times this fear of getting unlucky has led me to be very terse with myself and others, wanting to do things myself so as not to leave anything out of my control. Of course this fails…we can’t control every aspect of our own lives unless we as people are perfect, and command total authority over others.

Life is confusing, but also clear at times. I attempt to put things behind me, only to be bothered months, days, even minutes later. Cringe-worthy things that I did, times I let circumstance choose my move rather than be bold enough to act, little things like this come back to haunt me. It’s also crystal clear at times…when I succeed, and I can see the cogs meshed together, the things that came down to luck, the things that I executed perfectly to contrive a desirable result. The shockingly emotional performance, the words said just right, the feeling of being attuned to others.

This may sound generic, but I guess that it’s true. Life is like ying and yang, a balance of simplicity and complexity, with luck and the lack of, love and bitterness. I guess that even the straight-forward things aren’t completely clear cut, just as the most complicated issues can have the simplest approaches to resolving them.

Life is confusing…but we should live with it.

On est compliqué, mais c’est la vie.

As always, thank you and have a great day.


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