A Delicate Flower

She moves smoothly, gracefully across the room

The lilacs of the heart begin to bloom

What else but joy, to lift the gloom

What else but hope, to be love’s perfume

But then a tinge of fear begins to loom

And what could have been now rests entombed


Was it nothing, just a precarious thought to think

A shared moment, but not one to interlink

To almost take the leap, but return from the brink

Ask yourself…at the end will you think

Tis a shame that it all passed in a blink

The remorse, knowing you let that ship sink


Love is fragile, like a delicate flower

It needs to be cared for, watered at the hour

Neglected and buried, what’s beautiful may sour

But nurtured and indulged, it grants extraordinary power


Thanks for reading, and have a great day.


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