The Way it Used to be (1/29)

(Quick note: If this reminded you of the song by Mike Posner, then that’s wonderful because personally it’s a pretty good song.)


I’ll be honest with you. Childhood wasn’t perfect, and things obviously weren’t all rainbows and sunshine with bright smiles and the warmness of everyone’s hearts. That’s what you call a short story that parents read their little children who aren’t old enough to understand the complexity and more morbid sides to life.

But there is something that everyone possesses as children. It’s innocence, the ability to not see the darker side to things, the question ‘why?’ and primarily happy thoughts. Except for the ones who are wise beyond their years, many of us spend this time building in the sandbox, playing with our little compatriots, and living life with only small troubles.

As time passes, this blanket of certainty and comfort is gradually pulled away, placed away in the closet for only occasional usage. Now we see the silly things we did, the impulsive ways we acted. Some of us make the excuse of blaming it on our age and how we weren’t old enough. Others just say that they’re not that person anymore. In reality, a bit of that child is still part of you. You may have grown both physically and mentally, but somewhere inside is a piece, a shadow of who you used to be. We can never erase our past, nor can we change it. What’s important is that we see the error in our ways, and rather than attributing it to something else, we grow from it and fix these flaws and issues.

What I’ve noticed about myself, is that every year I look back and I look foolish, immature, arrogant, or even straight-up rude. I’ve read from the writings of older people than me that this continues well even into the 30’s for many. Really, it’s not a terrible thing. All that it means is that there is more room to grow. Although we may make poor decisions, shudder at the embarrassing memories, or act in foolish ways, in the end it’s all part of our individual journeys. Even despite it all, one day we will look back and find something to smile upon.

I’m not trying to say that everyone had a perfect childhood…really, no one does. What I do believe though, is that despite the hardship, the confusion, the struggles, we learn, and afterwards we are all the wiser.

Sometimes, we get caught up in memories, and the way things used to be. It’s certainly alright to cherish it, remember it fondly…but the important thing is that we live in the present. Learn from the past, prepare for the future, and of course, live in the moment.

Smile, and keep looking forward.


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