The Little Things (1/27 late post)

(Quick note, sorry about not making a post yesterday. I had a debate tournament today, and forgot to write a post in my nervousness.)


People always worry…the major events in life, testing well, going to college, finding a partner. They worry about mortgages, financial issues, family and personal health. The worry is so much that people develop stress, sometimes depression and other issues that accompany them such as drinking.

You have to ask yourself, will this matter in 10 days, in 10 months, and in 10 years? If the answer is no for any of them, perhaps it’s really not such a big deal. A student may panic about one bad test, but will it matter in 10 days when there grade balances out? Your car gets a brake issue, and you have to bike to work while it’s getting fixed up. Ask yourself, will it matter in 10 months? Maybe you have an emotional breakup with the person you thought was finally true love. Will it matter in 10 years? Yes, it may have been important, but what’s more important is that you’ve moved on with your life, and you’ve learned something about people and yourself. Will what college you go to really matter in 10 years? Yes, you took a different path in life but maybe it turned out for the better. In the end, does it matter?

Ask yourself…seriously, will it matter in time? If it does, all the more reason to work harder, and strive more. Often times we get caught up on little things, a rude comment overheard, an event not working out. In the end, what matters are the little things.

The inside joke you had with your best friend, the smile she gives you when you make her laugh, the way your parents treat you when you visit years later. It’s these things that run through our heads when we know the end is near. No one cares what school they graduated from when they’re dying. No one remembers what grade they got in that class in high school, and no one thinks of the time they messed up in front of others. We find pleasure in the little things.

Take time everyday to appreciate the little things. The good food that your parents make, the joke your friend tells, the thought-provoking passage in the book you read. It’s everywhere, the little things, the moments that will stay meaningful even when we’re old. Because one day, we won’t have them anymore. One day it won’t be yours to remember.

Thank you for reading, and remember the important things.


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