Nothingness 1/25

It’s how it feels when you can’t think of something to write, it’s when you try to say something but your brain shuts down, and it’s the empty feeling you get after a period of intensely negative feelings.

Nothingness is the state of unimportance, lacking meaning. It’s the times you do something insignificant the thousandth time, and the things that didn’t turn out how you hoped.

Sometimes when people stray the line between life and death, they say that they hear music, heavenly and wordless. But afterwards…no one knows. Is it just…nothingness?

If nothing is the lack of a something, and the collection of nothingness in a little clump, it begs the question “what is something”? We assign things in life value, such as food, love, family, material possessions. Value is all relative. Everything is relative…even the colors we see, the sounds we hear. Everyone is different, but yet we are all the same. We are all born in this tiny speck in the vast expanse of the universe. You could almost say our planet is…nothing.

Yet this tiny rock that could be nothing in the grand scheme of things is unique. Out of the minuscule bits on the rock came life. A bit of disorder formed from the chaos. A package to hold the innards in a more organized fashion. We are nothing, yet also so much. Everyone has the choice to remain nothing, or they can choose. One day we will all return to nothingness. The only difference is what you make of the journey.

Thank you, and have a great day.


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