Wake Up 1/24

It’s the cold of the air outside, the “I can’t get out of bed”. It’s the imperfection of the preparation, it’s the conflict in your head. Really when it comes down to you, it’s just you. You, and your mind locked in a conflict. The truly motivated don’t clash against themselves, they just do it.

We all know the moment, the feeling when you want to do something, but an excuse pops into your head. Don’t lie to yourself, don’t say it’s a valid reason even if it is. More often than not, you don’t wake up because you’re so exhausted, don’t go for that run because it’s 34˚F outside. Perhaps you forgot to set up your gear, or didn’t have gas in your car to drive to practice. This is all just a barrier, a block in the road. It doesn’t mean you should go home, say it’s not worth getting past, or change your mind. Life is riddled with these roadblocks, obstacles in your way to glory or whatever else you strive for.

For me, I want to run. A lot. I vowed to make it my thing this year. I’ll be honest, I need to do better. A lot better. Sometimes I sleep through my alarms, sometimes it’s too cold, or pouring rain outside. Usually I sleep it out, and what do you know, that’s another day gone by where I didn’t work towards my goal. It’s the little things like this, giving up on the working out every day, not talking to the new people you said you’d meet, not participating in the group event you wanted to try out. It starts small, and it starts with you. You, have to make the conscious decision to do what you aspire to have, to become. Start small, and take each half-step forward. Congratulate yourself on the progress, let the moment of euphoria run through your veins as you check that box off, make that leap forward. Let your momentum carry you as you power through and keep going. Before you know it, you’ll be farther than you ever could have been if you had tried to take a huge leap in a weekend.

An untrained person can’t just decide to run a marathon, and do great. Most of these people don’t make it the full 26.2 miles, they drop out early, or suffer immensely if they do make it the whole way. It’s about the small step, and leaving yourself no escape to not achieve what you want. If you want to run more, sign up for a half-marathon in half a year. This will force you to start training, as you feel the shadow of the event looming over you. By cutting off your alternative routes, you make it so that you have no choice but to work towards your goals. Think of it like school. School is required to a certain grade, and no matter what you have to attend, or the government will come and get you, resulting in undesirable consequences. When a task becomes obligatory, you can no longer hit the snooze button, abstain because the rain, or let little barriers prevent you from getting the job done.

Cut off your escape, and then start small. Never find an excuse to not work towards what you want to achieve. Wake up, and get the job done.

Thank you, and have a great day.


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